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Stakeholder Consultation


The purpose of the stakeholder consultation is to actively involve stakeholders in a meaningful manner, enabling discussions on the possible environmental, social, and economic impacts of projects.

This includes:

  • Exploring both positive contributions and potential risks throughout the project’s design, planning, implementation, and operational stages.
  • Consultation aims to establish an ongoing mechanism for receiving feedback in collaboration with stakeholders.

Principle 3: Stakeholder Inclusivity

“Projects shall identify and engage Relevant Stakeholders and seek Expert Stakeholder input where necessary in the design, planning and implementation of the Project. Project design shall reflect the views and inputs of stakeholders and ongoing feedback shall be sought, captured and acted upon throughout the life of the Project.”

Note: Not only for preliminary review and design certification are the stakeholder concerns and inputs assessed, but also during every performance certification in the form of a grievance mechanism OR continuous input mechanism.

An important characteristic of the GS4GG certification is the engagement with stakeholders that take place during the Design Certification of the project AND during each Performance Verification cycle. At this point, we will only focus on the Stakeholder Consultation for Preliminary Review. Please note that the stakeholder feedback round is not mandatory to be carried out before the finalization of the Stakeholder Consultation Report for preliminary review. The feedback round can go in parallel with VVB validation but must be completed prior to the completion of the VVB validation report.

Stakeholder Consultation Process

The stakeholder consultation process should involve a minimum of two rounds of consultations, including one mandatory physical meeting and one stakeholder feedback round lasting at least one month. The following sections outline the requirements applicable at different stages of the consultation procedure.