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Preliminary Review by SustainCERT

The Gold Standard has implemented a unique Preliminary Review process the purpose is to enable project developers to assess their project’s initial eligibility before pursuing certification. The outcome of the Preliminary Review is not a certification but rather the granting of a Listed status on the Gold Standard registry. This provides assurance to the project developer to proceed with the project.

Required Documentation for Submission

  • Stakeholder Consultation Report 
  • Key Project Information
  • Estimation of climate and sustainable development impacts 
  • Monitoring Plan 
  • Signed GS4GG Cover Letter 
  • Signed Gold Standard Terms & Conditions

In addition, the Project Developer must pay the Preliminary Review Fee.

Achieving Gold Standard Project “Listed” Status

The Gold Standard Project Listed status refers to the recognition and inclusion of a project within the Gold Standard registry or portfolio.

When a project achieves Gold Standard Project Listed status, it means that it has successfully met the rigorous criteria and requirements set by the Gold Standard organization. These criteria typically include demonstrating additionality, environmental integrity, sustainable development benefits, stakeholder engagement, and adherence to specific project guidelines and methodologies.

Links of interest:

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GSF Registry (goldstandard.org)

Summary of Preliminary Review Application

By this stage, you must:

  1. Open an account in the GS Impact Registry and pay the Annual Registry fee.
  2. Create an account in the SustainCERT platform to manage your certification process.
  3. Upload documents in the SustainCERT platform:
    • Key Project Information
    • Preliminary Review request form
    • Completed Stakeholder Consultation Report (SCR)
    • Signed GS Cover Letter
    • Signed GS Terms & Conditions
  4. Receive approval of Preliminary Review by SustainCERT

All this should result in the GS Listed Status