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What is VCI and why is it important?

VCI stands for Value Change Initiative, and it was born from the difficulty that arises from tracking Scope 3 emissions. As these emissions relate to the entire process from production (including of your suppliers) to usage by your customers, it can be a challenging task when looking to reduce them. Indeed, it is believed that the main reason why companies miss their targets is due to Scope 3 emissions, which also currently has fewer science based solutions.

Therefore, VCI has significant importance when looking for a solution to this issue. In short, VCI revolves around:

Bring together ambitious and committed organisations​ – An engagement forum with 90+ leading corporates, civil society actors and recognized standards working alongside 350+ Scope 3 and climate experts solving practical Scope 3 challenges.

Co-creating implementation guidance​ – Members move beyond theory; collectively learning, defining, co-creating and testing guidance, tools and implementation trajectories to solve practical Scope 3 challenges and achieve ambitious targets.  ​

Removing barriers to drive Scope 3 action at scale​ – Delivering clear and consistent approach to Scope 3 emission reductions to enable corporates to credibly account according to the GHG Protocol, report impact up and down their value chains, and show progress towards Science-based Targets.​