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How to Initiate a Third-Party Validation Request on the SC Platform

To begin a validation and/or verification service with SustainCERT, a Validation/verification request must be booked in the SC App.


  1. Once the booking is requested, an invoice is generated automatically in the SC App; however, the invoice will not be marked as such paid until it is received and processed by our finance department. In parallel, the required GHG documentation needs to be uploaded in the platform and a booking date must be selected.
  2. Once both of these requirements have been met, an internal completeness check will be performed, to find out more please visit Completeness Check.
  3. Once the completeness check has been completed and the review is ready to begin, we can determine if our internal capacity meets the requirements and send CPF to PDs to fill out the type of project and potential COI with the organisation (between SC and client) assessed*.
  4. The Validation / Verification team will revise the CPF and will pre-select the technical expert, team leader and validator/ verifier involved in this service and will share that with the PDs. Once the terms and team has been agreed upon, a customer success representative will reach out with the Master Service Agreement that must been signed between SustainCERT and Customer. 
  5. The review team leader will confirm the requested booking for the next available date on our calendar after a thorough review. We will do everything in our power to confirm the requested date as soon as possible. This is the review’s start date; the date on which officer will initiate the review. 

*Please note that if a project is deemed to have any kind of COI, the process will end and SC will be unable to offer these services.