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How are SDGs incorporated into the GS4GG Certification


The United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, in 2015. These goals serve as a universal call to action, aiming to eradicate poverty, safeguard the environment, and ensure peace and prosperity for all individuals by 2030. Comprising 17 interconnected objectives, the SDGs acknowledge that actions taken in one domain will have consequences in others, emphasizing the need for development that balances social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Nations have pledged to prioritize advancements for those who are the most marginalized. The SDGs are specifically designed to address issues such as poverty, hunger, AIDS, and gender discrimination, with the ultimate goal of eliminating these challenges. Accomplishing the SDGs requires the collective involvement of society, drawing upon creativity, expertise, technology, and financial resources from all sectors in every context.

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