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Project Design Review by SustainCERT

GS Clarification

SustainCERT reviews documentation and requests clarifications and resolutions of corrective actions where required.

Corrective Action Requests (CARs), Clarification Requests (CLs), and Forward Action Requests (FARs) by the VVB

A rule clarification refers to the process of providing additional explanation or guidance on specific rules or requirements within a particular framework or system. It aims to clarify any ambiguity or confusion regarding the interpretation or application of the rules.

“If the VVB identifies issues that require further elaboration, research or
expansion in order to determine whether the project, PoA, VPA meets the
GS4GG requirements and procedures and can achieve credible emission
reductions and SDG impacts, the VVB shall ensure that these issues are
accurately identified, formulated, discussed and concluded in the validation

Refer to Validation and Verification Standard version 1.0 (06.03.2023)

Thus, the Project Developer could receive several requests from the VVB. These requests must be addressed before the projects can move forward for its certification. A brief summary of what are the issues that could trigger any of these request

Corrective Action Request (CAR).

  1. The project includes mistakes that will influence the ability of the proposed project to achieve real, measurable, verifiable, and additional emission reductions/GHG removals and SDG impacts.
  2. The applicable GS4GG requirements and procedures have not been met.
  3. There is a risk that GHG emission reductions and SDG impacts cannot be monitored or calculated.

Clarification Request (CL).

  1. Information is insufficient or not clear enough to determine whether the applicable GS4GG requirements and procedures have been met.

Forward Action Request (FAR).

  1. Issues related to project implementation that require review during the first verification(s) of the proposed project.

(*)These requests and their responses will be included in the Validation Report.

Public Disclosure and Confidentiality

The GS4GG Principles and Requirements document in paragraph 6.1.2(b) states that all Project Documentation, except confidential information, shall be made publicly available through the Impact Registry. This includes project documents for each certification stage that shall be made publicly and transparently available through the GS Registry.

Through this Rule Clarification, Gold Standard provides further guidance to SustainCERT, Validation/Verification Bodies (VVBs), project developers, and coordinating/managing entities (CMEs) on specific project information and documents (for each certification stage) that shall be made publicly and transparently available and prescribes the approach for treating confidential information in project documents required to be made public.

PD should exercise caution regarding the inclusion of sensitive information in the documentation.

Public disclosure requirements for Project documentation – Gold Standard for the Global Goals

Goal: Achieve GS Project Listed status on the Impact Registry “Project Design Certified