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Updates for VVBs

Analysis of VVB Reporting

Section Agenda

  • New reporting templates 
  • Main gaps/inefficiencies observed from the analysis done by the GS consultant
  • GS4GG Study Guide for VVBs (for the VVB online exam) 

The principles, rules, and requirements outlined apply to all VVBs and certification bodies seeking to conduct Validations and Verifications for the purpose of certifying Gold Standard Projects and Programs.

  1. The guiding principles that underpin the Gold Standard certification process
  2. The Gold Standard certification decision-making process
  3. The criteria and procedure under which a VVB becomes approved (and maintains
    approval) as a GS-VVB
  4. The GS-VVBs eligible for different certification pathways under Gold Standard for the
    Global Goals
  5. The Conformity Criteria checklist for use by GS-VVBs when assessing projects against
    Gold Standard for the Global Goals

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